Project Name

CTV News Website Redesign


Redesign and new architecture of the CTV News Website

  • Responsive (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile) to replace current mobile app
  • focused on increased promotion of video content, new video player and popup functionality
  • new sticky header and new navigation
  • CTV News and CP24 use the same framework


Functional Prototype




Axure Axure Share Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Prototype Directions

  • The prototype was designed to be viewed and tested on desktop, iPad and iPhone.
  • The Tablet and Mobile version prototypes were designed to be viewed in Portrait mode.
  • Google Chrome is recommended for viewing the desktop prototype.
  • This prototype showcases a selection of only 6 of the 34 page layouts produced.
  • In order to improve the experience, I have added some context to the screens. You may show and hide the information panel by clicking/tapping the Gear icon in the main navigation.

Desktop Prototype Directions

  • Click the Hotspots icon in the left panel in order to see what elements are interactive in the prototype.