Project Name

Health Provider Lookup (HPL)


Feature provides the user with the ability to search for a provider by location.


Functional Prototype




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Prototype Directions

  • The prototype was designed to be viewed and tested on iPhone. In order to view it properly, use an iPhone to open it.
  • Clicking on the Prototype button on your iPhone will launch Safari.
  • Tap the (Share) icon.
  • Tap the Add to Home Screen icon.
  • From your Home Screen, tap the DDE Prototype icon.
  • When launching the prototype, tap Close at the bottom left of the screen for optimal experience.
(Functionality is detailed in the wireframes)
  • Click the Go button on the Login Screen.
  • Select my health and well-being from the menu.
  • Select find health provider from the submenu.
  • Select a provider type.
  • Select the first or second provider from the list.

Wireframes Directions

  • Click the Hotspots icon in the left panel in order to see what elements are interactive in the wireframe.
  • Click the Notes icon in the left panel in order to see annotations on the current screen or simply click the Annotations icon in the wireframe.