Project Name

Digital Document Exchange (DDE)


Feature provides the user with the option of taking pictures of documents related to the user's claim and submitting them digitally within the app instead of mailing them.


Functional Prototype




Axure Axure Share XCode Simulator Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Prototype Directions

  • The prototype was designed to be viewed and tested on iPhone. In order to view it properly, use an iPhone to open it.
  • Clicking on the Prototype button on your iPhone will launch Safari.
  • Tap the (Share) icon.
  • Tap the Add to Home Screen icon.
  • From your Home Screen, tap the DDE Prototype icon.
  • When launching the prototype, tap Close at the bottom left of the screen for optimal experience.
(Functionality is detailed in the wireframes)
  • Click the Go button on the Login Screen.
  • Select my health and well-being from the menu.
  • Select send documents from the submenu.
  • When prompted, enter any random 9-digit number.
  • Select Medical/Dental from the menu.
  • Select Medical from the menu.
  • Take a photo.
  • Add a photo from photo library.
  • Delete the second photo by swiping left.
  • Submit documents.

Wireframes Directions

  • Click the Hotspots icon in the left panel in order to see what elements are interactive in the wireframe.
  • Click the Notes icon in the left panel in order to see annotations on the current screen or simply click the Annotations icon in the wireframe.